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Quiet Strategy has a portfolio of boutique law firms. These law firms rely on our expert project management to keep costs down. While having access to online marketing subject matter expertise.

We work closely with our clients to develop long-term marketing objectives. While partnering on the goals and milestones.

Quiet Strategy takes a client first approach to professional services and consulting. We are not aligned with a single vendor or product. Instead we implement the right tool for your project. We always leverage industry standards and implementation best practices throughout our work. Our focus is our customers not which vendor pays greater margins or buys us the nicest dinner.

Law Firms

Cafferty Law S.C.

Cafferty Law Office, S.C., is a boutique criminal defense firm with a successful record of litigation. Cafferty Law helps people charged with crimes in federal and state courts. Serving Southeastern Wisconsin (Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth Etc.). The firm is directed by attorney Patrick Cafferty.

Rebecca Mason Law, LLC

Rebecca Mason Law, LLC opened in 2012 in Racine, WI. Focused on providing you and your loved ones with personalized, local legal expertise. Rebecca Mason Law services Southeastern Wisconsin (Racine, Kenosha, And Walworth Etc.).

Specializing in estate planswills, trustsguardianshipsprotective placement and business succession plans. The team of local, trusted experts work with you every step of the way. As a result you always feel informed and like family

Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, S.C.

Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, S.C. is a Wisconsin law firm. Focusing on real estate, family law, estate and tax planning, business law, probate and elder law. The firms attorneys offer the expertise and high-quality legal services of a large law firm, with the personal attention and competitive value of a small firm. They have been located in Racine, Wisconsin for more than 50 years. The team at HHB prides themselves on serving the community with integrity.

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