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To leverage my diverse experience and thought leadership in information technology and security to continue to empower teams to succeed. Now more than ever in an Agile world.

Core Competencies

  • Managing Agile Scrum development teams process and cross functional collaboration
  • Virtualization platform architecture and design leadership
  • Windows and Messaging platform security best practices
  • Networking and network security from both a tactical and strategic perspective
  • Amazon AWS (Migrations, Hybrid Clouds, Microservices)

Eric Perkins – Work History

infoedge, LLC (Kaiser Permanente, Fannie Mae)

Senior Consultant | 6/2015 – Current | San Diego, CA
Overview – As a senior consultant for infoedge, placed at large enterprise clients. Primarily I worked on information security and Agile development related projects and programs. I led the projects and teams I was engaged with from lead development to completion.

Project details included in Accolades and Career Highlights below.

Quiet Strategy, LLC

Senior Consultant – Trainer | 6/2012 – Current | San Diego, CA
Overview – Primarily focused on cloud applications, licensing and training opportunities.

  • Conducted the 1st Large Enterprise Training Classes – Zscaler and Firewall training
    • Northwestern Mutual
    • Kelly Services
    • Edward Jones
  • Citrix, virtualization and integration
  • Security Program and Analytics Review
  • Agile release/development process improvements

Zscaler, Inc

Senior Manager – North America SE’s | 1/2011 – 8/2012 | San Jose, CA
Overview – I managed the Zscaler SE team through the initial startup phase. At this stage of Zscaler’s growth, the SE team was pulled in many different directions, because our team was very strong technically. It was my job to ensure the rapid build up of our documentation and sales process while making certain the SE’s had time for pre and post sales engagements.

  • Aligned SE resources and understanding with engineering, post sales, field sales, and management goals
  • Reduced complexity in architecture and design as well as 3rd party integrations
  • Expedited new SE hire training as well as review process
  • Conducted round table discussions to develop meaningful best practices
  • Formalized (technical) partner development programs


Founding Partner | Forensic Analyst | 1/2009 – 1/2012 | Chicago, IL
Overview – ESI Pros, LLC was established to address the needs of law firms in the fast-paced and ever evolving technological world. As a result of combining some of the best and brightest talent in the legal, IT and forensic fields, the founders of ESI Pros, LLC merged their intellectual capital to create highly flexible and cost-effective solutions to address clients’ eDiscovery, computer forensic and cyber security needs.

Performance Network Solutions, Inc – Acquired by CyberKlix Canada

President & CTO | 6/2001 – 6/2009 | Chicago, IL
Overview – All requirements necessary to own and operate a profitable small business. Performance Network Solutions designed large secure complex networks using a variety of technologies including Citrix, NetApp, Secure Computing (Acquired by Intel), and Proxies.

As a result of our successful track record Performance Network Solutions was sold to a Canadian firm in 2009. I then integrated the technical, sales and ops teams with Cyberklix, and stayed on to assist the integration of our U.S. based clients with the new processes, professional services and teams.

  • Developed strategic direction for products, solutions, best practices, and data-center service offerings (pre and post sales)
  • Staffed and developed our pre and post services teams
    • Provided training and career development paths
    • Conducted formal employee reviews
  • Managed projects, customer engagements, expectations, and escalations
  • Worked with our teams designing large secure complex networks using a variety of security and application deployment technologies
  • Worked with partners/vendors to ensure that we are exceeded our training and sales expectations, while developing the right strategic partners
  • Public Speaking, corporate evangelist, company seminars/events, and training
  • Built and managed the U.S. budget including Sales, Ops, Marketing, Engineering
Performance Network Solutions Pre-acquisition, Chicago, IL

Eric Perkins Accolades and Career Highlights

Kaiser Project: Application Delivery Manager

Working for the development teams, I helped to enable the transition to Agile from Waterfall. My team was specifically tasked with managing the relationship with other enterprise programs that leveraged disparate governance and project management models. We worked across the organization and programs to remove impediments, translate milestones, build tools for reporting status and managing defects, while empowering our global development teams to stay focused on doing actual development work.

Key Accomplishment: Delivered components of the IPM Program to our members ahead of schedule. Our team consistently enabled to exceed the program’s expectations, as a result our members received a better experience.

Kaiser Project: MPS Program

Payment Terminal Integration for the MPS Program – Led a team in developing a creative implementation plan in a complex Citrix and ESB environment. Worked with enterprise architecture to ensure the solution we were building met all the required EA and PCI guidelines, while furthering the organization’s architecture vision (SOA) and enabled code reuse. The plan facilitated an enterprise wide pharmacy payment system upgrade.

Key Accomplishment: Provided a path forward for new payment terminals in a highly secure thin-client environment that previously had not been identified

Kaiser Project: TRO Run Books

As part of a new security technology roll-out, our team interviewed the technical product owners and vendor engineers, and conducted a full stack audit/review of the configurations involved.

We needed to ensure our runbooks could help limit the impact on life-saving devices in the event of false positives or an outage. So we used all of these data points with that in mind to write three comprehensive run books for the production support team, call center and the hospital support group.

Key Accomplishment: Identified a production issue that was rectified during deployment. As a result of the good work, KP requested I stay on and transitioned me to help lead the Application Delivery Team

Fannie Mae Project

My team developed new IAM Analytics service definition and governance model to align the service with new KPI’s around footprint/attack vector reduction. We identified key (and complex) analytics to determine if a user or group is over-provisioned. This resulted in a greater than 30% reduction in privileged access.

Key Accomplishment: Empowered Fannie Mae to reduce risk tolerance by targeting over-provisioned users/groups across the enterprise. As a result the overall security posture was improved at one of the largest financial institution.

Eric Perkins Older Accolades (pre-2015)

  • Zscaler SE Manager
    • Developed SE training materials and course work
      • As a result first trainer certified to teach the Zscaler customer curriculum
    • Developed new Active Directory integrations, methodologies, and firewall integration run-books. As a result emerging security startup Zscaler, could more easily position it’s products at a wider customer base.
  • RSA guest speaker partner summit ’08 ’10 (Mission Beach, CA)
  • Gold Citrix Partner (2003 – 2011)
    • First US Partner Certified to Deploy NetScaler in the US (prior to acquisition)
    • First to reach 5 for 5 with Citrix XenServer
    • Citrix implementer of the year ’05
    • Citrix speaker Summit ’05 ’06
  • Microsoft guest speaker (Small Business and Citrix)

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