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A Tailored Web Analytics and Reporting Solution That Powers Your Business Decisions

Companies of all sizes are learning how to benefit from large data sets. Tools that previously were too complex and geared towards large enterprise are now accessible to any size organization. Next generation Bi tools are cloud-based, and help us to drive insights at a very low price point. As a result, progressive small to medium-sized businesses are using this data to iterate quickly with actionable outcomes.

As easy as this sounds (or not), organizations that don’t have a dedicated analytics team often face obstacles. These include the lack of consistent, analysis-ready data, familiarity with sources, and understanding how to build actionable reports. The only thing worse than bad data is making critical business decisions based on inaccurate data.

Quiet Strategy helps to drive your small to medium-sized business using Google’s Data Studio or AWS QuickSight. We power these cloud tools with a secure analytics platform. Our team of experts ensures your data is analysis-ready, with an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.

Fully integrated data sources from Google for your online footprint include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Ad Words and Ad Manager
  • Search Console
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Apps / Drive

In addition, Custom and On Premise data sources:

  • MySql, PostgreSQL
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • All Popular CRMs
  • Custom In-house Quiet Strategy Sources
  • Over 500+ other prebuilt data connectors from Google and AWS

Add your own data from the cloud or the factory floor. Our clients can leverage alternative data sources to create a robust set of inputs from almost any source. This flexibility enables our clients to drive real-time analytic reports that give them a competitive edge.

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